Whitby Mortgages

Whitby mortgages come with these amazing opportunities and we outlined our favorites and have provided 3 reasons why you should get a mortgage in Whitby Ontario.

#1 – Pickering Town Centre & Oshawa mall

If you’re family orientated and looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto then getting a mortgage in Whitby Ontario is perfect for you. Whitby is centrally located and near two amazing malls one being the Pickering Town Centre and Oshawa Centre. Being really close to two malls will keep you close to home and allow you to avoid the commute to downtown Toronto.

#2 – Whitby Go station 

whitby go station

A typical drive to the Toronto downtown core can vary based on the time of day, luckily Whitby has the Whitby Go Train to make the commute easier for Whitby residents. Another reason why a mortgage in the Whitby Ontario area is a safe choice. The Whitby Go Station will get you to Union Station in 55 minutes. This is perfect for leaving your car at home to enjoy Toronto shopping. Whitby GO Station is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network in Whitby, Ontario. 

#3 – Amazing food options & with group support! 

food in whitby

The Durham Region Eats  Facebook group has 38,000 members and is a powerful tool for finding amazing restaurants in the Whitby area. Restaurant owners in the Whitby area regularly share their gratitude to the group, thanking members for trying their food and sharing photos. This facebook group is a powerful tool to help find the best restaurants in the Whitby area. 

As mentioned, mortgages in Whitby Ontario come with amazing opportunities. I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite reasons why getting a mortgage in Whitby is a great idea. 

If you’d like to get the best rate in Whitby Ontario contact me today!

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